Privacy Policy

IRCNow supports user privacy by allowing users to connect to most services anonymously. No real name or phone number is required for most services, and users can often connect via tor.

However, some services will require your email address. We will also log your IP address and other account metadata such as user agent or ctcp replies. We scan IP addresses for open proxies. This data is stored permanently to allow us to combat spam and abuse. If you have special privacy needs, you are welcome to contact staff for an exception. We can make privacy exceptions for users after an interview.

IRCNow does not log IRC chats. Staff members, however, have access to metadata described such as which networks and channels your bouncer is joined to. This metadata is used to prevent abuse. We allow users to log public channels and their own private messages. Emails and files you store on our storage service may be archived permanently. Staff will have access to emails and files. IRCNow uses cookies to allow you to log in to our services.

IRCNow may investigate VPSes in response to abuse reports.

IRCNow does not sell any personal information to third-parties. However, IRCNow reserves the right to file abuse reports for users who maliciously abuse our network.

IRCNow will delete material that is proven to be libellous or illegal. Users may not publish personally identifiable information about another user without consent except to report those who have violated network rules.

If you do not agree to the above policy, do not continue using our services. You should request for us to delete your account by mailing us at