Xabber is an open-source XMPP client (GPLv3 license) for Android and Web. It provides multi device sync, supports many XEP features, allows easy sending of images and files, and supports end-to-end encryption.

NOTE: It is currently not possible to do in-band registration for IRCNow servers with Xabber, so you will need to use another XMPP client (or contact the admin) in order to register an account. Once you have registered an account, you will be able to login with Xabber.

  1. To install Xabber, first install F-droid. Next, download and install Xabber:
  2. Open Xabber and tap Sign In:
  3. Fill in the XMPP ID and password, then tap Connect:
  4. Tap Got It:
  5. Login complete: