World Chess

IRCNow provides a public chess server for everyone to use!

The server software is currently being actively developed by the RPBLC computing network.

It is a fork of FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) originally created by Richard Nash in the mid 90's. The main goal of the fork is to modernize the codebase, improve the security and fix bugs. New features, for example, other chess variants will be added in a later stage.

If you want to become a registered chess player at our server (for FREE) please email maxxe with your preferred username and a valid email address to be associated with your account. It's important that it is valid because the login details will be sent to it.

And please join #chess and #rpblc at IRCNow.

While it's possible to play chess via the terminal by connecting to port 5000 using telnet(1) - it can be a lot easier to play with a GUI client like xboard (X graphical user interface for chess).

To connect to the server by using xboard, try:

$ xboard -ics -icshost

If you are running Microsoft Windows I suggest that you install WinBoard.

Port: 5000
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  1. W = Wine emulation
  2. C = Cygwin