The best way to reach IRCNow is by IRC, of course!

Join our network at port 6667 for plaintext and 6697 for SSL.

IRCNow staff:

Aaron Lin (jrmu) – Founder

Aaron is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. He brings over 6 years of educational teaching experience from his work in test prep instruction. Aaron worked for The Economist's GMAT Tutor for 4 years while learning UNIX and open source technology. In 2019, he started IRCNow to bring free and open source software to the global internet community.

Mikael Paulsson (Salvaje) – Community Manager

Mikael is my name, from Sweden. I'm educated in helpdesk supporting and I do my best to bring that experience to IRCNow along with the experience I got with IRC. I started using IRC more serious in 2006 and has created several networks, and been staff on more networks. In 2020 I joined IRCNow because I like the idea of providing free open source software. If you got any questions, you find me on the IRCnetwork IRCNow. Come and say hello, I don't bite.

US Phone Number: 1(458)888-2063

Business Mailing Address: PO Box 35-48 Taichung 40699

Customer Support Email: support(a)

Admin Email: admin(a)

Abuse Email: abuse(a)