Emacs ERC

ERC is a powerful, modular, and extensible IRC client for Emacs. You can run a command which prompts you for the parameters, you can save those parameters in variables or you can write a command with all of the parameters in it.

  • Simple connection
  1. Type M-x erc-tls.
  2. press the return key.
  3. Emacs will ask for the server, port, username and password.
  • Emacs Lisp command

You can also do it by writting a command to run. Instructions below.

  • Connect Emacs ERC (IRC chat client) to IRC client

Use Emacs ERC to connect to the IRCNow chat server

  1. copy this command on the *Scratch* buffer (erc-tls :server "irc.ircnow.org" :port 6697 :nick "my_nick" :password "my_password")
  2. place point (the cursor) at the end of the line
  3. Type C-x C-e (control + x , then control + e)

Note: replace my_nick with your nick; replace my_password with your password; replace irc_server with the IRC server hostname or IP addres s

  • Connect Emacs ERC to an IRC bouncer (ZNC):

It is the same process as above. The command is different. (erc-tls :server "my_bouncer" :port 31337 :nick "my_nick" :password "my_nick:my_password") Same notes as above. Just my_bouncer is the address of your IRC bouncer and the password is preceded by the bouncer username.

  • Emacs customize utility

You can also configure the parameters into variables with M-x customize or edit .emacs file. (M-x stands for Meta-x which is Alt-x or Option-x depending on your keyboard).