Connecting with IRCCloud Android

IRCCloud is proprietary software. To protect your freedom, you should consider using an open source IRC client.

Unlike most other apps, IRCCloud requires you register with an email, and premium features will not work without a paid account.

  1. Register with IRCCloud or login
  2. After login, you should be asked to add a new network. If not, tap at the menu bar at the top-left corner. Press and hold on a network, then tap Add a network.

  3. Fill in the details:
    1. Hostname: your bouncer server address (it should look like
    2. Port: 31337
    3. Select Secure Port.
    4. nickname: Use the username you registered with IRCNow
    5. real name: Use the username you registered with IRCNow
  4. At the top-right, tap Done
  5. Tap OK
  6. Type /quote PASS username/network:password -- for example, if your bouncer username is john, the network you want to connect to is ircnow, and your password is abcde12345, then type /quote PASS john/ircnow:abcde12345.
  7. If you see a message saying ZNC is not yet connected, type /znc connect -- wait a few minutes to connect.