Connecting with IceChat

IceChat v9 is an open-source IRC client for Windows.

  1. At the bottom-left corner, click Add.
  2. Fill in the details:
    1. Server: your bouncer server address (it should look like
    2. Display name: network-bnc, where network is the network you want to connect to. For example, if you want to connect to ircnow, fill in ircnow-bnc
    3. Server Port: 31337
    4. Nick: the bouncer username you registered
    5. Check Connect with SSL/TLS
    6. Server password: username/network:password. For example, if your username is john, the network you want to connect to is ircnow, and your password is abcde12345, fill in john/ircnow:abcde12345.
      NOTE: Some users report issues connecting with SSL. To connect without SSL, set Server port to 1337 and uncheck Connect with SSL/TLS.
  3. Click on the Extra Settings tab. Check Connect on startup.
  4. If you see a message saying ZNC is not yet connected, type /znc connect -- wait a few minutes to connect.