Connecting with LimeChat

LimeChat is an open-source IRC client for Mac and iOS.

  1. From the menu, select ServerAdd Server.
  2. In the General tab:
    1. For network name, type in your network name.
    2. Check Connect on start up.
    3. For server, fill in the server you received in the email (it should look like
    4. For port, fill in 31337. Check SSL connection.
    5. For server password, type in username/network:password. For example, if you registered the bouncer username john, you want to connect to the network ircnow, and your password is abcde12345, fill in john/ircnow:abcde12345.
    6. For nickname, login name, and real name, fill in the bouncer username you registered.
    7. Click OK at the bottom-right corner.
  3. From the menu, select ServerConnect.
  4. If you get a message saying ZNC is not yet connected, type /znc connect.