Self Admin

On IRCNow, the users self-administer their own network. This is a network that the users control.

Corporate investors and professionals are dangerous to liberty.
Well-educated users have no need for professionals.
Sharing knowledge is the only way to guard our liberty.
Educated and trained users are the strongest defense of free networks--without professionals, our liberty can never be in danger.

IRCNow uses software that is easy to install, configure, and maintain. We insist on being able to self-host on our own hardware. Our software does not depend upon cloud vendors, proprietary platforms, or corporations. Normal users can quickly learn and administer the entire system after brief training.

IRCNow provides free training for its users to learn system administration and coding. We follow the Unix philosophy so that code will be simple to understand and easy to fork. This ensures that the power of the code always rest in the hands of the users rather than an elite class of professionals controlled by powerful corporations.

Unlike other networks, IRCNow recruits staff from among its own users. This is a highly-educated network where the users govern themselves.