I2Pd Tunnels

In this guide, We will tell you how to expose your secret site via I2Pd.

Logging into your VPS

Login to your VPS via SSH, but with the following command:

$ ssh -L 4444:localhost:4444 -L 7070:localhost:7070 username@name.host.teamname.net

Change username@name.host.teamname.net according your needs.

Editing /etc/i2pd/tunnels.conf

With root access, Edit /etc/i2pd/tunnels.conf, Then add this:

type = http
host =
port = 80
keys = myeepsite-key.dat

Change mysite-name with your site name, The type = http value tells I2P that your service is a HTTP site.

Change port = 80 according your need,

And change keys = myeepsite-key.dat into whatever you want (like keys = secretsite-key.dat) as long you didn't lose the key, Which stored at /var/lib/i2pd.

Save it, reload I2Pd

$ doas rcctl reload i2pd

Open I2Pd Webconsole at http://localhost:7070, Tap I2P Tunnels,

Under mysite-name, Copy the I2P address. The address may looked like this:


You may use that copied address to visit your site via I2P.

Registering reg.i2p

You can also register .i2p domain for free.

Open your I2Pd Webconsole, Tap I2P Tunnels, Then tap on your mysite-name, And Address registration line, Then fill the domain field, and Click Generate.

Once generated, Fill Description field if needed. And finally tap Submit