$ doas adduser
Couldn't find /etc/adduser.conf: creating a new adduser config
uration file
Reading /etc/shells
Enter your default shell: csh ksh nologin sh [ksh]:
Your default shell is: ksh -> /bin/ksh
Default login class: authpf bgpd daemon default pbuild staff u
nbound xenodm
Enter your default HOME partition: [/home]:
Copy dotfiles from: /etc/skel no [/etc/skel]:
Send welcome message?: /path/file default no [no]:
Do not send message(s)
Prompt for passwords by default (y/n) [y]:
Default encryption method for passwords: auto blowfish [auto]:

Use option ``-silent'' if you don't want to see all warnings a
nd questions.

Reading /etc/shells
Check /etc/master.passwd
Check /etc/group

Ok, let's go.
Don't worry about mistakes. There will be a chance later to co
rrect any input.
Enter username []: znc
Enter full name []:
Enter shell csh ksh nologin sh [ksh]:
Uid [1001]:
Login group znc [znc]:
Login group is ``znc''. Invite znc into other groups: guest no

Login class authpf bgpd daemon default pbuild staff unbound xe
Enter password []:
Disable password logins for the user? (y/n) [n]: y

Name:        znc
Password:    ****
Fullname:    znc
Uid:         1001
Gid:         999 (znc)
Groups:      znc
Login Class: default
HOME:        /home/znc
Shell:       /bin/ksh
OK? (y/n) [y]: y
Added user ``znc''
Copy files from /etc/skel to /home/znc
Add another user? (y/n) [y]: n