Openbsd Packages

If you are unfamiliar with OpenBSD's package system, please read the FAQ first.

To install a package (like nvi):

$ doas pkg_add nvi

To delete a package:

$ doas pkg_delete nvi

To delete unused dependencies:

$ doas pkg_delete -a

To find a package from repositories:

$ doas pkg_info -Q nvi

To learn more about a package:

$ doas pkg_info nvi



On occasion, you may encounter errors:

$ doas pkg_add package ftp: no address associated with name ftp: no address associated with name empty
Can't find package

In the above, your system can't resolve the name This could be due to your local nameservers, or it could be due to a mirror having issues.

To change the mirror, edit /etc/installurl to use a different mirror from the list of OpenBSD mirrors.

If the issue is your local nameservers, you may want to configure unbound.