Servers' Rights

IRCNow is a federation. Each server governs itself.

Each server picks its own staff:

  1. Your team is encouraged to recruit your own teammates and train them
  2. Your team should interview trainees and get to know them to see if they are trustworthy
  3. Your team chooses whether to ask trainees for a resume, legal name, or phone number

Each server chooses its own services:

  1. Your team decides whether to host web, bouncers, mail, bots, games...
  2. Your team decides which third party services it wants to provide
  3. Your team claims its own IRC Networks to manage
  4. Your team is responsible for #ircnow on your claimed networks

Each server sets its own policies:

  1. Please create a terms of service and a privacy policy
  2. Your team defines what is abuse and your terms of service

Each server handles its own abuse:

  1. Each team owns the official #ircnow channel on each network it claims
  2. Each team can ban abusive users from their channels, IRC server, and other services

Each server manages its own money:

  1. Your team sets up its own payment gateway (eg Paypal, Skrill, Patreon)
  2. Your team sets up its own cryptocurrency wallet
  3. Your team registers as its own business or non-profit organization
  4. Your team collects its own donations and revenues and manages them
  5. Your team will pay for its own expenses
  6. Your team can choose how to pay salaries
  7. If our network needs money to pay for common expenses like software development, we vote for it in Congress
  8. We ask each server to account for all revenues and expenses so that our network has transparency about how much each team earns and spends.

Each server participates in elections:

  1. Each server must eventually allow users to vote
  2. In the future, each server will vote for president.

Each server on the network will be bound by the IRCNow Constitution, which is modeled after the US constitution.

We unite together to provide one common, strong network:

Liberty and Union, one and separable, IRCNow and forever!