Terms of Service

IRCNow is the network of the user, by the user, for the user. We ask that everyone follow these rules:

  • No profanity / porn / illegal drugs
  • No gambling / slander or libel / copyright infringement
  • No promotion of violence
  • No spam, illegal cracking, or DDoS
  • Only one account per person
  • Do not share passwords or accounts

By using our servers, you agree to our privacy policy. Services which are offered by IRCNow are provided as-is with no warranty. If you sign up to an account, you agree not to hold IRCNow responsible for any data loss, damages, or downtime.

Additional terms for shell account users:

  • Max 2 connections per IRC network per person
    • DALNet allows up to 4 connections per person
    • IRCNow allows up to 5 connections per person
  • No malicious bots allowed
  • Running tor is not allowed
  • Torrents are not allowed
  • Cryptocurrency mining is not allowed
  • No port scanning without permission

Additional terms for VPS users:

  • No malicious network activity
  • No port scanning without permission
  • No activities illegal in the USA
  • No cryptocurrency miners

If you make any contributions to our project, you must agree to use the IRCNow license.